If you build it, they will come.

     Every time I talk about the All Spark Cube people ask “so what does it do?”  The features of the All Spark are the reason it was built and sponsored by Adaptive Computing.  The Cube was built to catch peoples’ attention and to demonstrate how Adaptive can take a chaotic mess and inject order, structure and efficiency.  We wrote several examples of how the All Spark Cube can demonstrate the effectiveness of a complex data center.

     The All Spark Cube first debuted at VMWorld 2012 in San Francisco and has plans to be the centerpiece of Adaptive Computing’s trade shows in the near future.  Check out their Events to find a place you can see the All Spark Cube with your own two eyes.

See Adaptive Computing’s press release about the All Spark Cube: http://www.adaptivecomputing.com/allsparkcuberelease/

The all spark cube has been featured on hack a day !

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