Row Construction:


Column Construction:


Panel Construction:


Steel Wire:

The keystone to the structure and signaling is the steel wire. In selecting what wire to use, we had to find a perfect balance between strength and size. Too thick and the led cube would look solid, too thin and the panels wouldn’t be straight. We purchased several spools of pre tinned copper wire of various sizes to experiment on what the best balance would be. The winner was 16 gauge copper wire pre-tinned, sold in spools hundreds of feet long, with an estimated 3840 lineal feet total in the project (or about 3/4 mile).

The bent wire then had to be straightened into 3 foot lengths, using a trick Spencer saw on myth busters, we built a jig to stretch the wire. This not only removes the curve to give a perfectly straight wire, it also strengthens it, making it much less likely to bend.


Cube Cabinet:

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